Friday, 17 December 2010

Thelonius Monk Special

Courtesy Phil Vigus

Excerpt from the journal of Thelonius Caine…
I write after the strangest of days, with my time alternating between episodes of pure frustration, and challenging combat with the most hideous, unearthly creatures. Although we may have disturbed the spirits of the long dead, I have no guilt in our actions and feel that they are finally at peace. I still find myself saddened by people’s willingness to believe in the need for such ornate yet pointless structures to house their empty husks, and hope that when their souls moved on to inhabit their next bodies they were able to learn the error of their ways.

The adventuring group that have hired me are a little…..unorthodox, but they appear to be able to get the job done. However, they have yet to fully convince me they are worthy of the reputation that precedes them, and I will continue to watch in case any are scheming against me. I have however been paid handsomely for my efforts and this should go some way to helping improve my equipment, some of which is desperately in need of replacement. If I am to fulfil my destiny then I must strive to be as strong as I can be, and I have heard rumour of the most fantastical magical armour and weaponry, which I am sure one day will be within my reach.

With each day I become more convinced that I have chosen the path I was born to walk. Everywhere I look I see the scheming of vultures, preying on those who cannot or will not defend themselves, and I know that I was sent to help them. Unfortunately, I am sure that my actions are attracting much unwanted attention, and I must be ever vigilant in watching my back.

I hope one day that I will be strong enough to return to the monastery and prove that the accusations made against me were fabrications, dreamt up by those who saw that I was willing to fight back, but I feel I must bide my time and make sure that when I make my move I can drive them away once and for all.

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