Monday, 13 December 2010

Focus on Chops

Courtesy of Russell

Chops initially struggled to expand his horizons beyond his Heroic tier goal of owning a gastro pub. However with his new found extra point of INT has been reading books (well magazines) and has come up with a set of Paragon tier life goals. These are:

To sleep with a Drow princess (off camera of course). A proper one with silver hair, not an eladrin in make-up and a wig.
To raise a mercenary army and carve out his own kingdom in the wilderness and be king with a throne, a crown and one of those big fur white fur cloak things. This kingdom will be humans only with a few select demi-humans by invitation only*.
To have his own prestigious brand of designer plate mail for the discerning martial character.

Artwork by Emma Yam (mlynnz)

This is obviously all going to be pretty expensive so as a first step he has decided that he wants to go one better than Cousin Barry and kill a dragon. This is a proper dragon that breathes fire and sleeps on a pile of gold. Not a big monitor lizard or salt water crocodile. He is willing to go into the wilderness or Underdark to find this dragon, just as long as there is adequate provision for cart access to its lair to transport all the cash away afterwards.

He also wants a fifty foot high statue to himself put up in the town square in Dogleg (along with slightly smaller ones of the other surviving party members, and perhaps a tasteful plaque for the ones that died). He’d prefer marble as long as it isn’t too expensive, but he will accept granite or anything that holds a shine and isn’t going to dissolve in the rain. He is not going to let some dodgy stone merchant rip him off with limestone.

As to Fat Harold Chops votes to keep him on. He is an asset to the group dynamic, i.e. Chops enjoys bullying him.

*Presumably the hypothetical Drow princess, some Dwarven artisans (brewers) and an assortment of mixed demi-human slaves.

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