Monday, 18 July 2011

Non-spoiler ToH

So as not to be the ruiner of games, we shall not dwell too much on what happened within the Tomb of Horrors, suffice to say that a Shadow Engine was wrecked, some frozen undead thwarted and most importantly a demi-lich defeated.

Note - a demi-lich, not the demi-lich.

We think.

Also - and with a heavy heart - I have to report the demise of Fat Harold. Harold fought bravely to the end, but ultimately had his corpse unceremoniously dumped in a sea of undead. As his spectre floated up, his last words were reported to be : "You bastards!"

The shadow of Acererak still looms large. Will he re-emerge? Where and when?

In the meantime, the adventurers have found enormous fame and fortune. They are veteran survivors of two of the most famous dungeons in history - Rappan Athuk and now the neo-Tomb of Horrors. They just need Ravenloft and the Vault of the Drow to complete the set.

The gang return to Dog Leg with untold wealth and are feted as superheroes. They are in a manner of speaking the first celebrity adventurers that the Wretched Earth has seen. It is not long before manufactured celebrity parties start to appear - noticeably "Dream Boys", to appeal to the teenage girl market, and girl-group 4*EVA. The only serious competition coming from "The Company of the Grey Wolf" a very straight high-fantasy D&D party that no-one likes very much. The players are reputed to be a Quality Assurance Team from Northampton.

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  1. So who's got the Dog Leg Gang merchandising rights?