Monday, 14 February 2011

So What Happened to Drum?

Russell has been catching up with what Drum's been up to since quitting the adventuring game:

Drum went to work sourcing rare ingredients for the restaurant at Barry’s Place. After a few years hunting dire crocodile and gathering hippogriff eggs to satisfy the jaded gourmets in Winder he quit after a nasty incident with a cockatrice and he went into business for himself.

He opened an ostrich farm attempting to market them as a new super food. In an attempt to boost productivity he fed them cut price potions of fertility from an unlicensed travelling alchemist. These turned out to be spoilt potions of heroism that were tainted with toxic production byproducts. In the resulting chaos fourteen townsfolk died from mercury poisoning after eating ostrich steak, another two (including the town beadle) were killed and twenty five injured after the alpha male gained a dozen levels and kicked down the fences and ran amok through the streets.

Drum was forced to flee pursued by an angry lynch mob. He now scrapes a living with a group of travelling entertainers, giving archery demonstrations while wearing stick-on latex ears and calling himself Silverleaf. He shares a caravan with his assistant and common law wife, Bridget the midget. He has a drink problem and after a few unfortunate accidents no longer shoots apples off the heads of volunteers from the audience. He had to pawn the purple jewels from Rappan Athuk to pay off the last volunteers next of kin. Drum blames the cheap arrows.

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