Sunday, 25 April 2010

The Wretched Earth Part 4 : Frog Bog

A period of some weeks passed, during which time life at the White Tiger became very comfortable. The other NPC parties in residence had long since moved on, the Drunken Vikings and Rich Kids being supplanted by an objectionable bunch known as "The Lethal Line-up" and an intensely annoying group of travelling minstrels called "The Gnome Acrobats". Fortunately, a new quest was at hand, when one morning, the characters were awoken by a ruckus in the bar.

The smouldering corpse of a thief had materialised in the main salon, and was identifiable as Shaky Graham, one of Cousin Barry's mates. He held a quickly scrawled message requesting the help of Chops. Todd "Spanner" Devon used some impressive ritual magic to review Shaky Graham's last visions. It revealed an vicious underground battle between Barry and his gang, and some unidentified demonic acolytes.

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