Sunday, 31 January 2010


This blog is for logging the games played on Sundays. Our group consists of:


This group started in early 2009 as a last hurrah for RPGs played by Gary, Nick and Nigel two decades ago at school. At the time, 1e D&D and Call of Cthulhu were played mainly, and the bulk of the refereeing was done by Gary.

The group managed to get together to play on Sundays approximately monthly - due to low numbers, 1e D&D wasn't really a starter, so a Delta Green CoC campaign began.

Later, Russell joined the group and joined the DG. Around this time, Nick had to take a leave of absence, although we hope he can return one day. Later on, Dave joined the DG as well.

Concurrent to the DG, to allow the campaigns to develop (DG material being fairly sparse), a 4e D&D campaign began. Everyone was new to the system, with Russell having marginally the most experience.

I will retrospectively fill in the details of the DG and early 4e - but we'll start with the current affairs....

* As of Dec 2010, the line up is as follows:

Gary (DM)


and introducing Phil

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